Monday, October 20, 2008

Street Artist: Blek le Rat

Blek le Rat was born in Paris, France. He studied architecture and painting in college. He began to paint in 1981, painting stencils then he later moved onto posters and stickers. He still uses stencils.
He is well known for the political side of street art for example when he stenciled the missing journalist that disappeared in Iraq.
Stenciled Lady Diana began to appear in London and Paris after she had died which caused a stir.
He is still around today most recently painting in New York.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Street Artist: Faile

Faile is an artist collective based up of Patrick McNeil, Patrick Miller, and Aiko Nakagawa. They formed in 1999. Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller met in high school, they separated after going to different art colleges. When McNeil was exhibiting his paintings, he met Aiko Nakagawa. While they were going to clubs around New York they developed passionate interest in street art which was just rising.

From starting wheatpasting screen printed posters on the streets of New York. They began to the do a more permanent medium with stencil graffiti.

After 4 years of street art they began doing commissions for projects including murals, fashion, music videos and photography.

Faile still exists today, making the world a brighter and more colourful world!